Health Promotion in the workplace is fast becoming an essential part of managing and motivating staff

A Matter of Fat

Explanation of overweight and obese. Health risks. Causes of excess fat. How to measure body fat at home. How to reduce fat. Balanced diet and physical activity.

What is a Healthy Diet? - The Food Pyramid

Explanation of different food groups. Carbohydrates, Fruit & Vegetables, Dairy and Protein. Correct portion sizes using everyday examples. Keeping a food diary.

Nutrition for Stress Relief

Blood Sugar imbalances. Caffeine consumption. Dietary causes of fatigue and poor concentration. Stress effects of crash dieting, fast food, skipped and rushed meals.

Physical Activity

Explanation of National Guidelines on Physical Activity for Ireland. Overview of aerobic activity recommendations. Muscle strengthening exercises. Keeping an activity diary.

Diet & Your Immune System

Health benefits of anti-oxidants. Health benefits of probiotics. The important vitamins and minerals for good health.

Eating for a Healthy Heart

How diet can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The dangers of sugar and bad fats. Diet and blood pressure. The benefits of good fats. The benefits of fibre.

Eating Out & Take Away Foods

Healthy options when eating out or ordering take-away. Overview of high fat and low fat options. Low calorie starters, main courses and desserts.

Understanding Food Labels

Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) for calories, sugar, fats and salt. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). Easy to follow guide to understanding the nutritional values of food.

Additionally, staff can avail of a HealthReach Starter Pack that includes a food diary, activity diary, health promotional information sheets, pedometer and a tape measure. These are the essential tools to kick start sustainable and positive lifestyle changes.